What To Expect from your Initial Functional Medicine Consultation
Call us at 281-475-7845 or email info@ihawmd.com to schedule your Functional Medicine consultation today.

Welcome to Internal healing and Wellness MD, we are delighted to be a part of your health and wellness journey. Those patients seeking to utilize our services to help achieve their health and wellness goals tend to come in two categories.

Those Patients who are already familiar with Functional Medicine

They may have seen Functional Medicine Doctors and practitioners in the past Are familiar with the Health and Wellness websites, podcasts or social media.

For patients with clear questions in mind, we would recommend starting with the 30 min consultation.

60 min blocks are available to schedule if desired.

Our HIPPA compliant portal will allow for you to upload any relevant documentation into your chart. (Click here to schedule your Functional Medicine appointment)

Part One of your Initial Consultation
Laboratory Testing

Those patients who are new to Functional Medicine

They are interested in Functional Medicine, but not sure where and how to start.

Contact our office at 281-475-7845 or email info@ihawmd.com to schedule your Functional Medicine consultation today.

We will send you a link to complete your detailed intake form online. This easy to use online intake form typically takes about 1 hour to complete. Once your intake forms are complete, we will schedule your initial consultation. Typically these are about 1 hour. (Click here to learn more about your Initial Consultation)



Our clinic does not accept any insurance, and all payments will be due at the time of your appointment through credit card. However, you may ask for a superbill, which can be submitted to your insurance company to get reimbursement. Please keep in mind that not all insurance companies will reimburse for this particular medical practice area. You may also receive reimbursement from your Health Savings Account.



Call us at 281-475-7845 or email info@ihawmd.com to schedule your Functional Medicine consultation today.

Our intake staff will help you schedule your appointment if you have any questions, you can reach them by email, or phone. You can also book via our online scheduling calendar. Our intake team will make sure that you are set up in your patient portal and verify that you have completed any relevant questionnaires and consent forms.

Laboratory Testing

Testing is obtained through blood, saliva, stool or urine samples.

Advanced Functional Medicine testing kits can be directly mailed to your preferred address.

Lab tests can be ordered for you, we do have electronic orders for Quest labs. Other lab facility orders can be accessed via portal or emailed to you.

During this time, our Doctor and staff will be available through HIPPA secure messaging to answer any questions or difficulties for lab testing.

Part One of your Initial Consultation
Laboratory Testing

Initial Consultation

New Patients who would like to learn more about Functional Medicine and are starting fresh will have detailed intake forms that will be mailed to them prior to this appointment. When they are complete we will schedule your initial visit. We will review this information together. We have options for audio-visual link via a HIPPA compliant application called Doxy.me. Screen sharing options are available. We also have limited time for Functional Medicine office visits (coming soon).

You and your Doctor will develop a plan that will use your preferences, lifestyle, personality, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics. A roadmap for your lifestyle, diet, and nutraceutical supplementation will be developed.

Some recommended supplements may be available to purchase with an exclusive IHAWMD discount online. A link will be provided direct links to do this via email.

If you require prescription medications, they will be provided during this time or during focused Functional Medicine Televisits. Typical prescription medications prescribed are but not limited to: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, such as thyroid hormone, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. We also use antimicrobials for gastrointestinal infections like parasites, fungus, SIBO, and dysbiosis. These antimicrobials may also prescribed for co-infections and Lyme disease. Other medications can be prescribed as appropriate.

Follow-Up Consultations

Our staff will co-ordinate with you to ensure your testing needs and general questions are answered. Then our staff will help you set up a follow up appointment when we will review your labs and track your progress on your health and wellness journey. Questions about diet, supplements and lifestyle change implementation are welcome.

Follow-Up Consultation time slots: There are two options for scheduling your consultations. Consultation is for 30 min or 60 min time blocks.

Location: Currently we are only offering Televisits, but we are working to open limited office hours on Monday.

Functional Medicine Follow-Up Consultations: Available throughout the entire Texas State, depending on the health conditions being monitored. Covid related care can be throughout the United States. Functional Medicine needs can be addressed outside of Texas, but we may not prescribe prescription medication and may require your local PCP for these needs.

Part One of your Initial Consultation

We are available by HIPAA secure email and secure messaging on the Patient Portal in between in-office visits. Emails will be billed at a rate of $75/15 min.

Consultation Rates

1 hour: $300

1 hour: $300

30 minutes: $175

30 minutes: $175

Emails: $75/15 min

Emails: $75/15 min

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With a 60-minute initial consultation, our patients will have plenty of time to comprehend and understand their health conditions as well as their medical history. Gathering this vital information will help us in developing the lifestyle plans that are best suited to their routine.


In case you have any questions or queries regarding the services mentioned or if you require any further assistance, feel free to contact me or send me a message. Individualized medical, lifestyle, and exercise-based plans and advice are easily accessible for less than $5 per day. Your goal of achieving real, long-term results and living a healthy, regulated lifestyle is just a step away.

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