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At Internal Healing and Wellness MD, we take the health of our Greater Houston patients very seriously. That’s why we’ve gone to such lengths to develop a comprehensive approach to dealing with a wide variety of ailments, disorders, and conditions. Using both traditional and modern methods, we’re bridging the medical gap to identify the root causes of illnesses while treating each patient as an individual.

The goal behind functional medicine is to find and address the root cause of ailments rather than merely treating the presented symptoms. Instead of using one type of therapy or treatment, we consider all possible solutions, including supplements, dietary changes, modern medicine, and all-natural sources.

MDs are trained to treat the person, not just the ailment. Drawing from experiences in pharmacology, diagnostics, and natural medicine, they strive to guide you on a personalized healing journey rather than temporarily silence your symptoms.

All functional Medicine doctors receive the same four years of medical training as MDs. However, they take additional courses in natural disease prevention and treatment. They are also required to complete several years of clinicals and to be licensed in their state of operation.

Of course! While functional medicine doctors pride themselves on taking a holistic, comprehensive approach to treatment, they are more than happy to work with other medical providers to determine the best course of action for your ailment. Dr. Khan and his team are considered top-quality practitioners and have happily collaborated with hundreds of other doctors in the Greater Houston area.

We see healing as a journey, not just a set of solutions designed to eliminate symptoms. Holistic doctors are taught are taught to treat the individual with personalized care. Dr. Khan often works with patients over the course of several months to a year, though many patients are so pleased with their results that they become regular visitors.

Functional medicine focuses on dietary changes, herbal remedies, and – when absolutely necessary – modern medical solutions. However, the goal is always to minimize any side effects. Dr. Khan is also well trained in potential interactions with certain herbs and drugs, which can also help avoid potential issues.

Compassionate, comprehensive care that puts your needs first. Modern doctors often lose their “bedside manner,” becoming cold and dictatorial when it comes to YOUR health needs. That’s not going to be a problem at Internal Healing and Wellness MD. Here, your opinion and decisions carries as much weight as our own. After all, we want to walk the wellness journey with you, not merely tell you which direction to go.

Many functional Medicine doctors build their treatments around herbal remedies, supplements, nutrition, and homeopathic medicines. Such treatments are all backed by extensive research performed by medical practitioners all around the world. In fact, Dr. Khan and his team take great care to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the medical world, functional Medicine or otherwise.

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    5 star review  This is the best doctor experience I have ever had. Functional medicine has changed my life. Thank you!

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    thumb Ruth Ayala
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