Bridging Holistic
Medicine and Modern Science

Take back your health with a more natural, more enlightened approach to medicine. With our advanced lab testing and comprehensive nutritional programs, we can help you discover the root causes of a wide variety of wellness challenges. Once you have a better understanding of what your body is trying to tell you, we can help optimize your recovery with a fully customized lifestyle plan. We are Internal Healing and Wellness MD, Greater Houston's premier holistic medical provider, and we're here to change your life and your lifestyle.

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Learn the Language of Your Body

Our bodies are resilient, with the ability to heal themselves of countless ailments - but only if they get the right support and the right nutrients. Unfortunately, many of us either ignore the signals our bodies send us or rely too much on medication to provide temporary relief. By learning to listen to your body's unique language, you can regain control of your life, mind, and spirit.


Learn the Language of Your Body

Nature & Science United

We help optimize your health and wellbeing by marrying the best parts of functional medicine and scientifically proven remedies. Our team provides data-driven results in a variety of medical disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive and completely customizable approach to total body wellness.


Combining the Purity of Nature with the Wisdom of Proven Science


Advanced Lab Testing Meets the Latest Research and Advancements


A Care Team that Provides Compassionate Support for Body, Mind, and Spirit


A Holistic Healthcare Approach Prioritizing the Entire Body

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Internal Healing and Wellness MD, we've made it our duty to shepherd the personal health and wellness needs of every patient - all the while providing comprehensive, holistic treatment for a variety of ailments and illnesses. Here, health concerns are investigated thoroughly using both traditional and modern methods, with the final goal being to maximize overall wellbeing. While we focus on identifying the root cause of illnesses, we also take great care to respect the patient as a whole.


What We Do

Are you frustrated by chronic health issues that seem to have no clear answer? At Internal Healing and Wellness MD in Greater Houston, we deliver real, lasting results for people just like you. Through a combination of cutting-edge functional medicine and health coaching, we are changing the lives of men and women all over southeastern Texas.

Understand Your Own Healing Journey

The staff at Internal Healing and Wellness MD are here to guide you along a health and wellness journey that is as unique and personal as you are. Through a combination of expertise, treatment, and support, we will continue to lead you down the path to a better, more fulfilling life.

A Fresh Start

Reach out to us by scheduling an appointment or contacting our team via phone or email. Not only will we do our best to answer all of your questions, but we'll take the time to listen to you and collect the information we need to serve you better.

A Helping Hand

We’re here to help! At Internal Healing and Wellness MD, your journey starts with a deep dive into your life, habits, and health. This not only allows us to identify potential root causes behind your wellness woes but to create a plan that can evolve along with you.

The Support You Need

As you make progress and start to achieve your health and wellness goals, our team will be there to support you and help refocus your efforts every step of the way.

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    5 star review  This is the best doctor experience I have ever had. Functional medicine has changed my life. Thank you!

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    5 star review  Dr Khan is wonderful he is very intelligent he has given me hope and and he just very passionate about healing people I look forward to talking to him again

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    5 star review  Dr Imran is a Great Doctor and very caring very knowledgeable

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