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Holistic Medicine Combined with Modern Science in The Woodlands Texas

Internal Healing and Wellness MD, Houston

Holistic Medicine Combined with Modern Science in The Woodlands Texas

Our goal is to cure illnesses by treating the patient as a whole, rather than just the symptoms, and taking psychological, genetic, and environmental factors into account. By focusing on natural therapies and mixing current technology with holistic and Functional Medicine, we attempt to identify and eliminate the source of illness.

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  • Nature's Wisdom & Proven Science
  • Advanced lab testing and research
  • Attentive Body, Mind, and Spirit Support
  • An approach to healthcare that is both effective and holistic

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With a 60-minute initial consultation, our patients will have plenty of time to comprehend and understand their health conditions as well as their medical history. Gathering this vital information will help us in developing the lifestyle plans that are best suited to their routine.


In case you have any questions or queries regarding the services mentioned or if you require any further assistance, feel free to contact me or send me a message. Individualized medical, lifestyle, and exercise-based plans and advice are easily accessible for less than $5 per day. Your goal of achieving real, long-term results and living a healthy, regulated lifestyle is just a step away.

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If you’re in the Greater Houston area, including Spring, Conroe, Katy, Tomball, and The Woodlands, Dr. Khan and his staff are standing by to help you change your life and lifestyle today.

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We are here to help you feel happy and healthy again through our revolutionary healthcare model that's evidence-based, supportive and personalized to you.

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