Many people are genetically predisposed to be sensitive to mold spores. However, the vast majority of people will develop ailments when exposed to mold over long periods of time. Properly diagnosing mold-related illnesses can be difficult as the symptoms easily mimic those of other upper respiratory disorders. Though eye, skin, and nose irritation can be easily treated, it's important that all of our patients be aware of a condition known as CRIS.

Understanding Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

At Internal Healing and Wellness MD, Dr. khan and his team have been treating patients from all over Greater Houston for years. One of the things we’ve seen a general increase in is the number of patients who suffer from what’s known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. It’s been estimated that one in four Americans may have a genetic predisposition towards this condition, which is often misdiagnosed and, therefore, treated improperly.

CIRS is an illness that affects multiple systems of the body and presents a wide variety of symptoms. It is the result of mold biotoxins attaching to one’s immune system cells. This causes those cells to become overworked and – eventually – fatigued. This not only causes inflammation and weakness, but it can eventually encourage your immune system to attack healthy cells and tissues.


As we mentioned, the systems of CIRS are extremely varied – so much so, that they’ve been divided up into 12 different “clusters,” including:

Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea Abdominal pain is usually the result of CIRS-related inflammation. This could also translate into digestive numbness, diarrhea, and leaky gut syndrome.

Disorientation, Excessive Tears, Metallic Taste in the Mouth Along with general disorientation, many CIRS sufferers note a metallic taste in the mouth and the inability to stop producing tears.

Congested Sinuses, Difficulty Breathing As one might expect from a mold-related illness, congested sinuses and shortness of breath are common CIRS symptoms.

Impaired Memory, Problems Processing New Information CIRS can drastically affect your memory, your ability to find the right words in a conversation, and your ability to process and remember new information.

  • Body Aches, Weakness, Headaches, Light Sensitivity Weakness, headaches, light sensitivity, and generalized body aches are all common in people who suffer from CIRS.

  • Skin Sensitivity, Tingling/GERD Due to inflammation, many CIRS sufferers note a “pins and needles” sensation often accompanied by a skin rash.

  • Red Eyes, Blurred Vision, Sweats, Mood Swings This cluster of symptoms is very wide but is often observed in sufferers of CIRS.

  • Joint Pain, Morning Stiffness, Cramps Morning stiffness, joint pain, and muscle cramps are a direct result of the chronic inflammation affecting the body.

  • Fatigue Heavy, life-changing fatigue is reported quite commonly in those suffering from CIRS.

  • Vertigo, Static Shocks Vertigo and static shocks are a direct reflection of the way CIRS is attacking your immune system.

  • Difficulty Concentrating When inflammation reaches your brain, it can seriously affect your ability to concentrate. Unfortunately, many sufferers of CIRS go on to be misdiagnosed with ADHD and ADD.

  • Excessive Thirst, Cough, Confusion Mold exposure can lead to excessive thirst that also manifests in a persistent, dry cough, accompanied by general confusion.

  • Body Temperature Issues, Increased Urinary Frequency, Appetite Changes If you have trouble regulating body temperature, have noticed an increase in urination, or are experiencing wide variances in body temperature, it could be the result of CIRS.


CIRS Testing and Treatment

As you can see, the sheer range of symptoms associated with CIRS can make it extremely hard to diagnose. Unfortunately, many sufferers never end up discovering the root cause of their ongoing problems. Fortunately, the team at Internal Healing and Wellness MD The Woodlands, Texas has experience identifying key CIRS biomarkers in both urine and blood tests. For instance:

VEGF is a protein that the vast majority of CIRS sufferers simply cannot produce. If we find any of the above symptom clusters and a VEGF deficiency, we can usually make a fairly accurate diagnosis.

MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone) is often greatly reduced in the presence of mold illnesses, which allows the anti-inflammatory condition to continue wreaking havoc on the body.

Visual Contact Sensitivity testing can help us evaluate your neurological function and detect signs of CIRS infection with relative accuracy.

Proper treatment of CIRS involves a range of supplements, dietary changes, and – in some cases – medication. However, through the use of binders and antioxidants, it is often possible to remove the majority of toxins from the body. We also recommend the use of bentonite clay and activated charcoal when possible, as well as VIP nasal sprays. We may even encourage patients to go on a gluten-free or low-amylose diet, which eliminates processed foods, sugars, bananas, grains, and all foods grown under the soil.

Combatting Mold Illness in Greater Houston

Internal Healing and Wellness MD has already helped thousands of people in Spring, The Woodlands, Katy, and other areas of Greater Houston diagnose and overcome mold-related illnesses. With years of expertise in CIRS and a dedication to doing things the natural way, whenever possible, we’re your source for comprehensive mold treatments in Southeastern Texas.


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